In partnership with approved recruitment agencies, Trade Analytics can assist with sourcing the best local professionals and talents to staff your expanding business.

Relocation Services

Whether your need involves transporting personal belongings to a new location or arranging accommodation, utility connections and local councils or provincial registrations, we can offer advice, support and pricing for the physical relocation of your employee or contractor.

Destination Services

We support your employee in-country to ease the potentially daunting experience of relocating. The destination services we offer include, but not limited to, transfers, short and long term accommodation search, office space search, local area induction, school search, travel services, car hire, bank account setup, local contact directory and departure services.

Cultural Awareness

Help your company’s personnel to assimilate into their personal and professional surroundings, learn local customs and practices and build relationships across multicultural teams by engaging in a cultural awareness programme. Our partners can assist across our extensive network.

Translation and Interpretation

Any company looking to expand into the Vietnamese market should consider tailoring documents to local languages and contexts, as well as need intepreters when doing business and meeting with customers/partners. That’s what we can do in supporting.

Banking/Finance/Currency Exchange

We can support with local bank account setup, tax planning, currency exchange and evaluation amongst many other financial related services to ensure your business trip goes well.
Document services
We can support with passports and other paper registrations in Vietnam, as well as able to offer document management, storage, translation and legalisation services.


We can assist you with booking flights and travel to Vietnam.