Due Diligence

Build up criteria or set of criteria which are used to evaluate, analysis or make a rating on targeted institutions or individuals.

Set up questionnaires or questionnaires card to obtain clearly firms or institutions' information.

Arrange interview session or conduct an interview with targeted firms' board of management or board of directors.

Gather and obtain material public information or non-material nonpublic information to make the analysis, recommendation or due diligence.

Interpret and analysis financial statements, operating performance or returns and risk inherent directly or indirectly to institutions or industry where institutions do business.

Use appropriate models to make earnings projection or cash flow prior to or after fundamental changes (such as M&A or getting new investment).

Mergers And Acquisitions

Offer investment opportunities including IPO plans, share offerings, divestment plans.

Look for and introduce potential targeted firm being acquired that fulfill absolutely requirements given by client.

Make a research on targeted firms covering fundamental information, board of management, board of directors, operation status and outlook, financial circumstance, market share, distribution system and network, and crucial elements related to firms.

Assist and participate to make due diligence on the targeted firms.

Provide legal counselling services in prior to or after M&A process started.

Site Development

Review and evaluate potential locations based on fair comparisons among potential sites and complying with firm's objectives.

Make a credible rating on targeted locations.

Conduct researchs on available sites covering adequate information fulfilling firm's objectives and goals.

Arrange meetings with landowners or municipal council or authorities to make further assessment on the site or clarify any ambiguous information or factors.

Assist clients to prepare documents which are used to apply for investment license or investment incentives.

Support clients in applying for licenses or incentives.