Trade Analytics Do

Trade Analytics is a research company with a multidisciplinary technology background and in-depth knowledge that provides businesses, analysts, and business decision-makers with comprehensive, in-depth reports and metrics based on. ..

150+ NTM from countries all over the world

The most complete database on regulations, procedures, technical requirements, non-tariff measures (NTM) from 150+ countries

10+ million statistics analyses

on market forecast, market share, production capacity, export - import, core business, consumption, value chain, …

400+ industries and sub-industries

Reports from top analysts in Vietnam and worldwide and thorough understanding of the operations of 400+ industries and sub-industries; evaluations of all free trade agreements in every field that Vietnam commits to.

1.200+ trustworthy information sources

from government bodies, business representatives, international organizations, statistics providers, trade associations, etc. in Vietnam and worldwide.

Big Data system

researched and developed by Trade Analytics based on the latest technology.

Trade Analytics

  • Large database, including exclusive data
  • Research teams with deep understanding of research fields and experience in consulting for large enterprises, organizations, and ministries.
  • Concise, visualized report; rapid time-to-delivery to meet specific customer needs and facilitate strategic decision-making.

Data collection and processing methods:
The data collected has three valuable core aspects: clearly defined, context-based and visualized. The daily working process with data and statistics helps us to have a clear view to combine these factors to ensure the most meaningful information is provided to customers, especially the senior management of the business.

Trade Analytics experts collect and update relevant market data from reputable sources and independent databases. Next, the information and their sources are verified and consulted with specialized state management agencies as well as domestic and foreign experts, in combination with the measurement of performance indicators from leading businesses in the market.

Trade Analytics spends a lot of time, dedication and research investment to synthesize a huge amount of market information and data to provide a clear and consistent view of each specific market. Reports are presented using the most up-to-date BI tools